For this evolution a certain type of life is necessary. For instance, throughout our life evolution is going on and we have to cooperate with it. When we do not cooperate with the inner evolution we create problems for ourselves.

All of the religious teachings of mankind, beginning with the Vedas, then the Buddha, the Old Testament and New Testaments, the teachings of Moses, Christ, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, and all the ancient prophets of the Bible, were meant to give directions for how to live, how to regulate our lives, while the brain is still evolving. 

At the present time, the human brain is evolving much more rapidly because from morning until evening we are applying our brain to some task, reading, watching television, working in an office, solving problems, etc. This was not the case when people hunted or tilled the soil. They had not need to apply their brain in such a concentrated way as we do today. In other words, we are meditating almost continually, although on material objects, and this is accelerating the evolutionary processes at work in the brain and nervous system.

This has resulted in many thousands of partial awakenings of the Power, especially in the industrialized countries, albeit in a haphazard and often unhealthy manner. Often in the case of such awakenings, the benefits can be quite fruitful, transforming such individuals into more productive, creative, loving and more compassionate personalities. 

A great many of the patients now crowding our mental institutions, whether for schizophrenia or manic-depressive states, could be correctly placed in this category. Psychiatrists and psychologists are at a lost to explain why. Because of the limited extent of our current knowledge about this phenomenon, it is extremely rare far more rare than genius itself that the Kundalini raises to the highest center in the brain in a healthy way, resulting in Illumination or Enlightenment.

This is one more reason why research such as proposed herein is of such vital importance at this time.In order to bring about a harmonious change in society, the leaders of the world have to be convinced of the existence of Kundalini and its effect on our everyday lives, and for that to happen a scientific experiment is necessary. We have to demonstrate that the brain is evolving, and that this evolution needs a certain kind of harmonious way of life. 

In the experiment, a number of healthy young men and women will practice mental and physical disciplines designed to greatly increase the brain’s activity, and its effect will be found all over the body. There will be metabolic processes and other physiological changes which can be measured. The goal will be to awaken the dormant center in the brain responsible for mystical experience and genius.

Once the evolutionary mechanism, called Kundalini by the ancient adepts, has been activated, there are definite biological changes in the blood, the nervous system, the cerebrospinal fluid, and in the composition of the brain itself. The experiment is designed to prove that there is the potential in every human being which can transform him or her from a mortal into an immortal and that in within each of us there is an eternal source of happiness.

A more harmonious, more peaceful, happy, more contented humanity can be expected to result from this research. More importantly, it will show the way for every generation to produce people who have reached the higher dimensions, and they will become the political leaders, scientists, and educators, who will help to guide the race higher and higher and higher.


The goal of this research project is to demonstrate what happens upon the awaking of Kundalini psychologically, mentally, psychically, and physically. So long as genius and mystical experience continue to be regarded as subjective phenomena, without any relation to the organic frame of man, it will always be difficult if not impossible to show their common factors and design methods to cultivate either one.

The mechanism of Kundalini can be understood in the following way: Upon activation, two different activities start in the body. First, the whole network of nerves begins to manufacture a more potent form of psychic energy, called prana or nerve energy and to pour it into the brain through the spinal duct. This altered form of prana is distinguished by its appearance as a luminous cloud in the brain.

Operating in average men and women, the energy does not have this property. But for the mystic, the visionary experience is almost always bathed in light. This is one of the most important points on which the research will be focused, and it is the reason why virtually all of the ancient texts refer to Kundalini as the sun or moon, or to lightning or fire. The flashes of light or other forms of luminosity experienced by many people during the course of meditation are often due to a sudden, brief upsurge of the more potent prana into the brain.

At the same time or shortly afterwards, another activity begins in the genital region. Upon the awakening, the reproductive fluid is drawn up in an unknown way, in a form of radiation, into the spinal canal. Exactly how this suction is applied will have to be determined by research. This stream rising through the spine represents the nectar or ambrosia repeatedly mentioned in the texts on Kundalini. Its entry into the spinal cord, and then into the brain, is marked by exquisitely pleasurable sensations far exceeding those of an orgasm.

This phenomenon is referred to as Urdhavaretas in the yoga manuals. During the course of its ascent into the brain it is ramified into smaller streams which irrigate the visceral organs through the nerve plexuses or the chakras, and this can be distinctly felt moving into the various organs; the stomach, liver, intestines, heart, lungs, etc., thus preparing the body and the brain for a higher manifestation of consciousness. The flow of a more potent prana, and this stream of secretions into nerve centers and the brain, is what is implied by the phrase “penetration of Kundalini.”


The lingam-yoni symbol, which has been in India from the remote past, denotes the reversed action of the cerebrospinal system, utilizing every spare ounce of the bio-energy normally used for amatory purposes, for the remodeling of the body and the brain under high pressure, in which all the organs of the body become inextricably involved. With the flow of the nectar, distilled by the nerves from all parts of the body into the brain, the area of rapture is transferred from the genitals to the cerebrum.

The phonomenon is ancient and so widespread that it is amazing that modern science has no inkling of it even now. It was because of the tremendous physiological effects on the body experienced on the awakening of Kundalini that the ancient yoga masters devoted so much attention to the enumeration of the signs and symptoms that occur at that time. For instance, they would not have made repeated mention in their writings of the phenomenon of lights and sounds even describing the nature of the sounds heard and the lights seen comparing the former to thunder, the humming of bees, roaring of waterfalls, or the pealing of bells; and the later to the luster of the moon, the radiance of the sun, the glow of fire or flash of lightning. In their treatises, these authors provide precise descriptions of the chakras and specify their particular location on the cerebrospinal axis. In fact, the ancient masters took pains to pinpoint the exact location of the Kanda, i.e., the inverted triangle below the navel, on which Kundalini rests, leaving no doubt that it is the region intimately connected with the reproductive organs.


The scientific models and protocols proposed will be designed to monitor the levels of transformational changes with emphasis on the following:


To document accelerated activities in the brain. To identify the reversal of the reproductive system. Absorption of generative fluids and hormones into the visceral organs as they ascend into the brain. To establish that the brain is still in an organic state of evolution toward what could be the next plateau in human evolution. Every major organ begins to function at new levels of activity. Cells are charged with more potent bio-energy.Metabolism is greatly amplified or enhanced.Biochemistry of the organism is significantly altered. Hormonal variances charted. Accelerated activity of the entire nervous system. Verify the transformation of the genes. Identify the heart-mind-body connection. Affects upon the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.


Emergence of a new, more refined personality. Identify powerful new modes of cognition and perception. Demonstrate greater mental abilities as natural byproducts of extended consciousness. To demonstrate that genius can be cultivated. To verify that noble traits of character are prerequisites to higher states of consciousness. To identify what sort of lifestyle most ideally conforms to the laws ofevolution as they are hypothesized. To build a database of individuals reporting higher states of consciousness and comparing their descriptions of these states and experiences with those recorded by saints, sages and prophets.


To demonstrate that the same disciplines designed to awakening Kundalini can lead to the development of enhanced intuition and psychic abilities.


The Kundalini Research Foundation, together with its affiliated Foundations and Institutions, stand alone in the research we are proposing. There is every likelihood that eyebrows will be raised and open doubts expressed both from the sides of religion and science, inasmuch as every important discovery in knowledge invariably took the world by surprise. As Gopi Krishna writes in “The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius”, once the possibility of spiritual rebirth with the arousal of Kundalini is accepted by science, the knowledge obtained through this research will point the way to the most sublime enterprise for the pure-minded and intelligent spirits of our age. As we propose to demonstrate, the finished products of Kundalini must tran-scend the normal limits of the human brain. If this transcendence does not occur, the visionary experiences are either a delusion or myth.

This raises another important question: If Kundalini is the source behind genius and extraordinary intellectual or artistic talents, as postulated, it must also be a factor behind the evil geniuses of history, the highly talented military commanders, dictators and demagogues, and also the human monsters who, dead to every moral sentiment, commit the dreadful acts reported almost daily in the media.

What we are suggesting, and intend to demonstrate through this proposed research project, is that one single law is at the base of all phenomena of the mind that science, at the present moment, finds inexplicable. Only one remarkable series of changes, caused in the psychic or nerve energy that serves as fuel for thought, is responsible.

The greater incidence of insanity among the men and women of genius, for instance, and the seeds of eccentricity in many of them, clearly establishes the existence of a common link between the two.

The research will tend to show that the evolutionary impulse cannot be active only in the individuals but must be operative in a collective sense as well. The influence of evolutionary processes on the ecological development of a whole species or group is now clearly recognized by the biologists and that in order to meet the needs of the evolutionary growths, changes in the environment social, political and moral, would be necessary from time to time to meet the demands of the development of the psychomental fabric of the individuals and of the race too. 

Where this adjustment is delayed, causing a retardation in growth, revolts, revolutions, and wars intervene to effect, with widespread suffering and bloodshed, what could have been achieved by peaceful means provided the underlying Law were known and its mode of operation understood. The ancient civilizations and cultures, after attaining a certain level of achievement, fell victims to decadence because the lives of the people did not conform to these standards.

Actually, a revolution in the life of humanity should have occurred a century ago, when the theory of evolution was first propounded. But the evolutionists at that time, due mainly to prejudice against religion, and for a long time afterwards, held to a theory that cut at the roots of the idea of Intelligence and design in creation, effectively blocking any further discussion based on a spiritual point of view. A single man or woman of the stature of a great prophet or scientist can have the power to change the world. Imagine what possibilities can be held forth if a crop of dozens of such geniuses were to be cultivated in each century or generation. In “The Secret of Yoga”, Gopi Krishna summarizes the foregoing in these words:

“We live in an age of surprises. At the same time, we experience the horror of man-caused calamities. But no surprise has been so great as will take place when this Law is empirically demonstrated, and no calamity has been so devastating as might befall it, in the present stage of technological development, if the law is still ignored. The development of the human brain and the intellect is an unavoidable consequence of evolution, but without spiritual discipline and enlightenment the results can not only be unwholesome but also fatally poisonous.”

In other words, it is essential in order to ensure smooth progress and safety on the hazardous path of evolution that humanity should not only be possessed of temporal knowledge but should also know the laws that rule her spiritual growth.”